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  2. I have a 6kw Gen set for the house to power up my incubators when theres a power outage but man that thing drink so much petrol. Well maybe because the whole house was using it too I had 2 incubators running at 500w each the AC was running including all the appliances in the house
  3. A couple of years ago there was a storage solution called Ultra Capacitors. There are like 5kw storage you can buy. One day Tesla motors used them for their cars and you can never find Ultra Capacitors anymore. How I loved to have copied the Schematics of that. Now Bosch have a power storage but you can only buy them in Europe. Its a bit pricey but it could be the best investment to get off the grid permanently. I think they even have a 10 kw storage now. http://www.bosch-solarenergy.com/media/bosch_se_serviceorganisation/kundendienst/speicherloesungen_1/en_5/bpts5_folder-EN-1410.pdf
  4. I like the idea very much but where I am planning to build the house, the whole town don't even have a river. We have to dig quite deep in the ground to get to the source of the water.
  5. Bro I am waiting for that price too or lower I am sure no ones gonna buy that on what they are selling right now. I agree its a very good location but its gonna be a lot of work. And pretty good management needed too.
  6. Basicly according to the Philippine Real Estate law foreigners can only buy properties that are part of a group just like condominium units and town houses with out having to have a Filipina wife. These Germans built the resort and built houses inside the resort. So the houses have become part of the resort and other Germans can now then purchase the houses for themselves with out marrying a Filipina. The owners of the resort now wants to sell the whole resort and the other owners wants to sell their units too. It goes to say that marrying a Filipina to start a business in the Philippines is a very risky endeavor but I am not generalizing a lot of foreigners are successful with their marriages and I am happy for them. But there are some unfortunate ones and my Sympathy goes to them.
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  8. Wow sounds bad!!! I will head back to Phil Health in the AM . Hope he is wrong wow so much bad information out there. AT Phil Health!!! For sure will try to see the district directer at the Golden Peak Hotel if true will just pay the amount for next year 2018 freak the rest of 2017 as only six months to go . It great fun in the PH . And any way he could be wrong to as he cant even get his figures right, and maybe he did all the talking to who ever he talked too and they not understand him and he not understand them , if he cant get it straight when he just talk to them .Who knows!!!!
  9. Simple man- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  10. This is the moment a man miraculously survives being hit and almost run over by an out of control bus - before walking away almost completely unharmed. Simon Smith, 53, was thrown down the street when the runaway double decker careered onto the pavement and ploughed straight into him. The impact of his head hitting the windscreen shattered the glass, yet he got up from the pavement seconds later. Astonishing CCTV footage taken at the scene shows Simon calmly walking into a bar moments after the shocking incident. Daniel Fraifeld, 50, who co-owns the Purple Turtle bar, said: "I think he [Simon] pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked.
  11. It's hard to believe this song was sung A cappella (without instrumental accompaniment)...
  12. Here they are in 2009, 45 years since they first sang it....
  13. Hey, don't judge me. I'm from Georgia. A man cries while listenin' to songs like this.
  14. I did choose this song on my fathers funeral not long ago......
  15. Anytime I exchange on a larger scale in Cebu I used the place at Raintree mall. Judging by the activity inside, so do local businessmen. On larger amounts you can get a better rate than what is posted. The flux is somewhat negligible to concern oneself with typically.
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