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  2. A recent update on casualties suffered by government forces.
  3. The Presidents statement that "Martial law of Mr. Marcos was a good thing," kind of worries me. A dictator form of government is not a good thing for the people where security forces can impose searches and arrests without warrants or probable cause. This could be a step backwards for the Philippines. Yet I'm glad he is taking steps to eradicate the terrorists as quickly as possible. Not being like the rest of the world sticking their heads in the sand pretending it's not really a problem. Tough choices he has to make. Being a leader and doing the right thing is not easy. I'm glad my time here is coming to a close and hopefully in a month or so I will be heading home. And when I get there I intend on having a passport burning party.
  4. BTC had some troubles with the owners/maintainers and dropped its share from above 80% to half almost over night. A lot of money went to alternative cybercoins. However, its value recovered in a short time and I deeply regret pulling out... It's not just BTC raising. all the cybercoins are raising faster and faster.
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  6. Yes, but you would have to prep properly for the transport. Over the 25 years I was a landscape contractor I would have large projects such a requiring the transportation of palms and fruit bearing trees for public parks, roadway projects, mall complexes. Often these needed to be purchased either in Florida or California and then trucked to Houston so you are easily talking 1,200 - 1,400 mile distances with great success. The trick is in the preparation before shipment, providing regularly timed watering and misting of the foliage during transportation and they proper handling at both ends of the transport. Lay the trees down with the root ball first towards the direction of transport. This is for two good reasons. One is to prevent a little wind damage to the tender foliage as possible, and the second reason is purely physics if for any reason during transport the vehicle must make a sudden emergency stop, then the weigh of the root ball does not shift being pushed through the upper foliage causing severe damage to the delicate tops.; Properly cover the root balls and the foliaged tops with a nursery shade-cloth material which allows air and heat to easily transfer through the material while still shading the plant from the harsh sun and protecting the trees from potential wind damage or heat buildup. Tarps or canvas coverings are problematic as they are not porous which means they are prone to flap heavenly against the foliage causing unwanted wind damage, and these also can not properly vent the trapped heat from the sun which quickly collects under the tarp or canvas.and can seriously cause heat damage during transport. Tarps can easily trap temperatures of 140-180 degrees under them in less than two hours and will literally cooking the plant to death. The watering of the water ball can be done to the root ball by using a watering can in the early morning, noon and hottest time of the afternoon. The misting of the foliage should be done ever two daylight hours and every four nigh hours during the whole of the transport. This can be done with a simple hand-pump sprayer to keep the foliage tops as healthy as possible during transport. One only needs to understand the biology of the plant. Once you put the plant in the ground and water it it in, the root ball has probably been shaved down or perhaps even slightly damaged. The plant will cease foliage production and will start converting all it's reserves into root production. This requires sugars produced through photosynthesis and this is where maintaining the health and vitality of the foliage top is paramount. The two-way transference of needed sugars for the production of new roots and the transference of needed water,and nutrients to the individual cells within the foliage to produce chlorophyll requires the two-way transference using both the xylem and phloem of the plant. This must be established as quickly as possible if the plant is to prevent shock and mortality.This is also true when trying to relocate specimen size shrubs, plants and trees. In Houston I was on the top of very short lists kept by Houston historical societies because when I moved trees and plants to or from historical sites they survived and thrived. Try moving 140 year old Rhododendrons or Azaleas or moving 200 year old majestic oak trees and you quickly learn just how few actually know their stuff and can successfully accomplish such a task. But the the truth is whether it is the moving of a 10 foot tree or a 60 foot tree the basic care needed is still just the same, everything else is just a matter of leverage and volumes. So yes it can be done easily enough, but you need to properly prep and plan first so it will be successful. .
  7. It is terribly sad that a parent would sell their child, but this is nothing new to this culture and in this time. It has been going on worldwide throughout history, much like slavery. When parents are so destitute that they cannot feed their children, slavery can be one of the worst results. There used to be poor houses where parents sent their children which were really awful environments, and then there were parents giving their child to a tradesman so that the child can grow up with a trade or profession. So, there were many ways this was done. Sexual barter is almost pre-historical. It is much better than eating your child of which there are recent records from post war China. Now, I ask you honestly and sincerely, what would you do in such a situation, that you were so destitute (and uneducated) that you could not feed your children; you could not buy them clothes or send them to school because there was absolutely NO money to do so. As despicable as it may be to pimp your child out for sex, before you point the finger at the parents, look first to the society that has abandoned them, the society that is so unequal that those with money literally consume the life and future of the poor. Please be honest. If you were in such desperate position, what would you do if that was the only way to put food on the table, dress your child and send them to school? Unfortunately in some of these cases the welfare of the child is compromised because the parents have a drug addiction that squanders their scarce resources, in which case everyone suffers a slow and painful death of the soul as well as physical deterioration. Being rather dramatic, if I were king, I would literally exterminate all of the perpetrators, but that would be only half of the guilty parties. You would have to exterminate those that prey on the poor, to really clean up the situation. And even then, it would not be solved as long as you have the disparity between the rich and the poor. The rich essentially have NO morals, but they are almost never the ones getting punished. To achieve parity, the poor must have avenues for advancement, education and the basics, without which they most certainly falter. So, what we end up with is the need for a just society, which, to my knowledge, is very rare and certainly does not exist in the Philippines nor in the United States; it is just a matter of degree.
  8. The U.S. Embassy cautions U.S. citizens that there is an ongoing conflict between terrorist groups and Philippine Security Forces in Marawi City, Mindanao. Media reports suggest that there are multiple dead and injured. On May 23, 2017, the Philippine government declared martial law throughout the Mindanao region for 60 days. The Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been placed on high alert. The U.S. Embassy has temporarily suspended Mission personnel travel to Mindanao pending a better understanding of the threat environment. While the U.S. Embassy has no information that the events in Marawi City represent a direct threat to U.S. citizens or U.S. interests in the Philippines, we encourage U.S. citizens to review personal security plans, avoid large crowds and gatherings, and remain vigilant at all times. The U.S. Embassy wishes to remind U.S. citizens of the most recent Worldwide Caution, dated March 6, 2017, which indicates there is an ongoing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests abroad, including the Philippines. Extremists have targeted sporting events, theaters, markets, mass transportation systems–including airlines, and other public venues where large crowds gather. Crowded nightclubs, shopping malls, buses and popular restaurants have also been targets. U.S. citizens should be mindful of the importance of taking preventative measures to ensure their safety and security while traveling and residing in the Philippines‎.
  9. There may be a chance of one crypto going to $0 but there is almost no chance that all crypto's total market cap is less than it is today. I projected a 210B market cap when it was at 40B in the 3-5 year range. Looks like I underestimated institutional investor money by a ton. Even if it takes 7 years to get to 210B that's still one percent return per month. I am in BTC, Ether and Dash, sizable positions but I would be in much deeper if I was in the US and could easily liquidate other investments.
  10. Please post user report how it goes.
  11. Hell no, goats have too much class, it will be pigs.
  12. Paul is that you?
  13. I'm in Australia. I use https://www.cointree.com.au and https://www.independentreserve.com and some others. You have to provide the usual ID stuff. Which is silly really as there is nothing to stop you anonymizing the coins after you buy them.
  14. I find your post confusing as I want to thank God they have disbanded.
  15. Hi , what exchange / platform u use to buy bitcoins?
  16. Armed Forces of the Philippines Facebook page is providing better info than some hacked up newspaper that seems to get most of it wrong.
  17. Vid wont load, good they got enough water now to celebrate.
  18. dont forget the carpet bombs and the fuel air bombs
  19. Evacuate what locals want to leave and head in there with the napalm....
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